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Preparing for a Headshot
The Headshot

It seems like such a simple term. But it means many things to many people.
There are different approaches to creating a headshot depending on your goals or the needs of your agent. It is important to be very clear about your needs before we begin creating.

A headshot is an image that is created in the style used by the market where you are trying to get work. This means you need to fit in and be part of the “tribe”. The image needs to create a relationship between the viewer and you

The three main types of headshots are:
This is the style of headshot most people need. Most modeling and talent agencies get requests for commercial models. Commercial work is about being friendly and approachable. The images are simple with even lighting and clean makeup.
Actors wanting television or movies roles who want to appear more serious or dramatic need headshots that are more serious in nature. Makeup is very similar to commercial headshots unless you are going for a distinct look where heavier makeup is called for. Lighting can be more dramatic than in a commercial headshot.
Editorial and fashion models often need a “beauty shot” for a headshot. These are much more stylized images than commercial headshots, with careful consideration of makeup, hair and wardrobe to create a particular look. Use of a qualified makeup artist and stylist is critical in these type images.


Before the photo session
Being rested and relaxed is critical to photographing well. The night before your headshot session make sure to get plenty of rest.  The day of your session try and avoid any sources of stress.

Make sure to eat proper balanced meals prior to the photo session. Starving your self to lose and extra pound or two or to prevent a perceived puffy look is counterproductive. All not eating will do is cause you to look uncomfortable and unhealthy.

Drink lots of water. It is important that your skin is properly hydrated and looks its best.
Avoid alcohol the day and night before a photo session. Alcohol consumption leads to dehydration and a dry skin look.

Makeup should be “clean”.  This means natural, If you are uncertain what this means it may be best to use a professional make-up artist. We can recommend several local make-up artists if you feel you need one.
For men make-up is usually not required. Some times a light coat of powder may be need to prevent shine or even out skin tones.
Hair should be well groomed and natural. If you are going to have your hair cut, have it done a bout a week prior to the photo session so it looks natural rather than “just cut”.

Wardrobe should not distract from your face.
Avoid bold colors and patterns. Solid neutral colors work best. If you wear something lighter than you skin color it will pull attention away from your face. Avoid logos on clothing.
For women we recommend 1) a button up blouse in a solid color 2) a scoop neck sweater (not V-neck unless you have a fairly short neck, then a V-neck can make you neck look longer) in a solid color 3) depending on the type of work you are looking for a suit jacket or a casual jacket.
For men we recommend 1) a business suit with a light blue shirt and a tie 2) a casual button up shirt and 3) a crew neck sweater in a solid color.

Practice posing
It is always a good idea to pose in front of a mirror to see what the camera sees. Be aware of the placement of all the parts of your face. See what happens when you tilt your chin up and down, too far down can cause your neck to look short, too far up can make you look unnatural (and cause your nostrils to become the focus of the photo).
Be aware of how you face looks when you tilt your head left and right. Tilting to far to either side can result in images that make you look like your neck is broken. We will work with you on posing during the photo session but it is good if you have practiced before the session

After the Photo Session

Within 24 hours of the session we will send you an email with a password protected website link where you can view your proofs.
If you have an agent we recommend that you let your agent select your images. They understand the market and know what casting directors or clients will want to see.
Once you have selected images, email us with your picks. We will then create a CD with your finished images. For an additional fee you may also order prints from us.

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